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Shameful As SARS Officer Was Disarmed In Asaba

Nnogo ify

Feb. 08, 2020

The complaint and cry of well meaning Nigerians most especially good looking youths of the federation can not be over emphasized. when it comes to the men of the force, in talk of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).
The way they operate sometimes makes it look like they have there own self mission when it comes to arrests, they misuse there power and uniforms because they know responsible Nigerians won’t attack back.
Too many complains on them and they are even warned by there superiors not to interfere into matters that is none of there concern but they desist from the warning and still go after Internet fraudster who happens to be their major targets.
An incident happened in Bonsaac GRA, Asaba, where SARS officers who specializes in breaking and forcefully enter peoples home like Arm Robbers were disarmed today in Asaba.
They were disgraced and demean, looking so powerless without the riffles given to them to protect tax payers/citizens but they use it to oppress and extort either.
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