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French Police Arrest 32 Yellow Vest Protesters


Feb. 09, 2020

With protests against the French government ongoing on Saturday, 32 demonstrators were arrested in France, police said.
Protesters gathered at the Palais Royal Square despite the police ban. The demonstration, held under intense security measures, ended without any trouble.
Paris Police Department said, besides arrests, 140 people were fined for participating in the demonstration without permission.
Meanwhile, protesters clashed with the police in Bordeaux. Police used tear gas and plastic bombs to disperse demonstrators. Some protesters broke windows of some restaurants and banks.
Saturday marked the 65th week of Yellow Vests protests, which started in reaction to fuel hikes and economic conditions and spiraled into deadly anti-government riots.
Protesters use yellow vests, part of the standard safety kit in French cars, to make members more easily visible.
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