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Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt's Body Language—Then And Now


Feb. 09, 2020

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1) 2020: Jennifer's not quite shooting her shot. This SAG Awards moment makes clear Jennifer still cares about Brad, but it's not like she's making moves to get him back or anything, says Donaldson. "She touches him in a neutral areathe shoulderswhich tells us the touch is not romantic," Donaldson explains. What is worth noting though, is Jennifer's double-handed touch. It means her attention (even though you can't see her face) is 100 percent on this moment with Brad. Vivien Killilea - Getty Images
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2) But Brad's not afraid of getting personal. This is when their body language turns up a notch. "The area in which Brad is holding [Jennifer's] hand is a personal zone," says Donaldson. "This tells us there is a certain level of trust and familiar level of comfort and intimacy between the two of them." But, "touch can have various meanings depending on the social settings" she adds. Here, Brad is asking for attention, but Jennifer, according to Donaldson, is either over the moment or teasing him. Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
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3) Jennifer and Brad enjoy each other's company. "Both Brad and Jennifer have fully engaged smiles on their faces, which tells us that they are genuinely enjoying this moment in time with each other," Donaldson shares. Brad wants his time with Jennifereven if he only gets a few minutes. Donaldson knows this because of Brad's grip on Jennifer's wrist. And though I wish he'd loosen his grip, Donaldson points out Jennifer isn't pulling away. Instead, she says Jennifer is totally into making this memory with Brad. Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
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4) 2004: Jennifer and Brad wanted everyone to know how they felt about each other. Brad's touchiness is nothing new apparently, and back in 2004 (a year before their divorce), Jennifer was giving it right back. Playfully grabbing at each other's butts on the red carpet "showcases that they are establishing their claim on each other," says Donaldson. It's their outward way of telling people they're solid (for now) and all in with each other. Jeffrey Mayer - Getty Images
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5) 2004: Their bond has been strong from the beginning. "Jennifer's eyes are engaged as she smiles at whatever [Brad] is saying to her, which is a sign of genuine love for [him]," Donaldson explains. Their tight handhold, Brad's lean into Jennifer's space, and her arm around his waist aren't bad signs either. They're all possessive moves that point to the deep bond these two share, says Donaldson. Their connection is so strong that they've managed to carve out this intimate moment for themselves in a public space (much like they did at this year's SAG Awards). Getty Images
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6) 2001: They were thriving in the intimacy department. While it might seem like a casual side hug, Donaldson says this full-body contact means much, much more. First, the angle of Jen's feet (pointing toward Brad) are a giant giveaway that, despite her attention on the cameras in front of her, Jennifer still has her man on the brain. Next, this super-close stance is "an intimate gesture that shows they wanted to spend as much time together as possible," Donaldson explains. And though quality time these days is a rarity, it doesn't mean they couldn't easily fall back into their old ways. After all, current photos show Brad's still pulling Jen in closer after all these years. Vince Bucci - Getty Images
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