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Walkers saved from Ben Nevis in -20C blizzard wearing trainers branded 'idiots'


Feb. 10, 2020

FOUR men wearing trainers - described as "idiots" - have been rescued from the UK’s highest mountain after they became stuck in “horrendous” conditions.
The group were said to have become trapped near the 4411ft high summit of Ben Nevis during blizzard conditions with a wind chill of minus 20C.
They were treated in the Belford Hospital in Fort William after a four hour rescue suffering from the effects of the cold.
John Stevenson, leader of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team said: "They were absolute idiots. They were all wearing trainers and decided to walk up Ben Nevis in those conditions. They were just plain stupid.
"As far as stupidity goes this is right up there for the rescues we have ever carried out.
"They were in their 20s and foreign but I think based in Glasgow. They weren't climbing - just walking but I don't think they even made the summit.
"They were poorly equipped for any weather let alone those conditions.
"We found the first then the others and walked them down. It was so bad the helicopter could not even fly back to Inverness let alone up the mountain.
22 team members out on summit of Ben Nevis searching for group of 4 who are stuck on steep ground near summit. Weather...
"These guys didn't have a scooby. It really is maddening. Two of them are particularly bad from the cold. All four would have never survived the night up there. They are lucky to be alive and that we found them."
The Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team said 22 of its members were on the mountain.
A UK Coastguard rescue helicopter from Inverness was also called to assist but was hampered by the weather.
“Weather horrendous with very strong winds and blizzard conditions. Wind chill factor circa -20C.
“First casualty has been found safe and well and team are now trying to locate the rest of group.“Rescue 151 (coastguard helicopter) assisting but very limited by weather as to what they can do at this moment."
The team later updated: “As at 4.15pm three other casualties now located and are now being assisted off the mountain."
It was not immediately clear why the men had ventured out despite forecasts of poor conditions.
People commenting on the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Facebook page questioned why the climbers were on the mountain More than 280 slammed their "stupidity."
It comes as Scotland was hit by heavy snow showers in the wake of Storm Ciara, which brought widespread chaos to the country across the weekend.
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