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BOING! Teacher posts snaps showing how Storm Ciara bounced her neighbour's 10ft trampoline over her wall to land upright on her lawn


Feb. 11, 2020

A primary school teacher has posted a snap showing how Storm Ciara bounced her neighbour's 10ft trampoline over her wall to land upright on her lawn.
Kayley-May Snell woke up on Sunday morning to find the 10ft-high trampoline - complete with safety net - sitting upright on her lawn.
The 70mph winds that lashed the area around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, had picked up the trampoline, lifted it over a 6ft fence, and carried it at least 15ft from where it started.
The 26-year-old said she was left 'crying with laughter' when she opened the curtains on Sunday morning.
In a short video clip, Kayley-May's fiance, Brades Roberts, is seen stood peering out of the window.
Kayley-May says: 'Okay so everyone is moaning about the storm, but we've woken up with this in our garden.'
Brades then pulls back the curtain to reveal the trampoline standing upright in the centre of the lawn.
A delighted Kayley-May then shouts: 'We've got a trampoline, woo!'
The year six teacher was so tickled by the experience, she took to social media to share a snap of her acquisition.
She posted a photo of the trampoline with the caption: 'So we've woken up to find a trampoline in our garden?'
Kayley-May's post, which has clocked up more than 15,000 likes, has had social media users in stitches.
Nathan Da Silva wrote: 'I wonder whose garden the kids are in.' Ceridwen Eccles added: 'I would call that winning at life.' And Darren Crampton said: 'Finders keepers.'
Kayley-May wrote in the comments that she was 'crying with laughter' over the incident.
She said: 'Literally we were crying with laughter an absolute £WTF moment!! Our sausage dog thought he was in the John Lewis Christmas advert.'
She added that her neighbours had since been round to request the trampoline back and posted a series of hilarious snaps showing Brades hauling the massive structure over the fence.
Speaking today, Kayley-May revealed that some online commentators had questioned whether it really happened.
She said: 'There's photo evidence that the trampoline did not belong to us.
'It's genuinely baffling how some people are sad enough to go out of their way to insult someone.'
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