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Mary Peterson-Smith: Trump's 'no socialism' promise hurts America

Leah koiyet

Feb. 11, 2020

Dear Editor: President Trump said there will never be socialism in America.
It’s been three years into his presidency and he has kept his promise.
Our roads, bridges and other infrastructure have been ignored.
Because that is exactly how this administration wants it. No socialism.
We haven’t had a single improvement to our health care programs. Prescription drug costs are still out of control. The Affordable Care Act is being dismantled. Exactly what Trump promised. No socialism.
Money is being funneled out of public schools with budget cuts and the voucher program. Exactly what Trump promised. No socialism.
Money has been taken from military funds to build a falling and failing wall. Promise kept. No socialism.
A refusal to raise the minimum wage to provide a livable income. Why? Promise kept. There will be no socialism.
Our public National Parks are open to development. Private companies are free to steal our national resources and sacred public areas.
Environmental laws that protect endangered species are weakened. Our wildlife and our own health are second to profit. Promise kept.
America won’t be a socialist country under this president. Never.
So when you travel down the potholed roads, past the underfunded police and fire stations, past the Post Office, past the Social Security Office, past the public schools struggling to educate our next generation, know that a vote for Trump is a vote for our communities crumbling around us. He is keeping his promise that there will be no socialism. Never.
Mary Peterson-Smith
Richland Center
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