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See How ISIS, AlQaida, Boko Haram Got Attached to Islam But Not Other Religions


Feb. 11, 2020

Over the years, many lives have been lost as a result of terrorism and terror related activities. Many of these acts are seen the world over as an Islam thing as some do even claim it is enshrined in the Qur'an. Hence, moderate or real Muslims have become victims of the term 'Islamophobia'.
How true are the claims that terrorism as a world virus is synonymous with Islam and Muslims are the actual personifiers of it?
Let's take a trip down history to unravel terrorism as a religious ideology and Islam.
In the first century of Islam, a crisis of leadership led to a civil war outbreak after the death of Muhammad
This development happened after the leadership rein of the first three of the famous 'Four Rightly Guided Caliphs'. The last of them being Ali bin Talib ascended the Caliphate to much disgruntlement as a result of the mysteries that surrounded the death of his predecessor, Uthman bin Affan.
This brought about a divided nation under the youmg leader and ultimately, a civil war in the then Islamic State( Not ISIS).
As bloodshed is an ugly scene to behold especially among men who should be sworn brethrens, the leadership of both conflicting parties agreed to a truce and then an arbitration to choose who to finally lead between Ali and his revolting governor, Muawiyah.
The arbitration was conducted and Ali was on the negative side of the verdict. This outcome did not go down well with a part of his men who later broke into another revolt against Ali's authority for agreeing to the arbitration. This revolting men are known as the Khariji.
The Khariji became a security threat to the then Islamic territory as they went about terrorizing the citizens. This was in fact, the first time Muslims would experience terrorism.
The Khariji became a feared sect as they declared every Muslim who opposed their ideology an infidel whose blood is lawful to be spilled.
They were crushed and pursued off their strongholds and their military strength diminished.
This provoked the sect to go undercover and plan the assassination of Ali and every party to the leadership tussle. Ali was the only one successfully assassinated.
Many years have passed with no sign of the violent sect until late 20th century when the modern insurgency covered with the toga of Islam was birthed again. Prior to this time, Muslims were regarded as the most peaceful and accommodating beings. This is obvious in how history records the conduct of Saladin the Great in triumph.
Contrarily in recent years, the most violent crimes after the World Wars are the ones commited by Islam-claiming gun wielding terrorists- Al-Qaida, Al Shabbab, ISIS, Boko Haram etc.
Their eagerness to shed blood and cause death in the name of Jihad has made Islam to be feared by many except the few exposed ones.
A thorough study of Islam would lead to nothing near this inhumanity personified by these elements. Rather, it leads to peace, love, justice, tranquility and regard for the precious life of humans.
This however confuses one to be puzzling which one is more Islamic? Peace as the majority preach it or intolerance as these extreme sects portray it? And as this inhumanity has no root in Islam, how did it creep in?
A thorough research on the Khariji sect should do justice to all these questions. Let's then compare the belief of the Khariji with the modern terror groups claiming puritanical Islam.
1- They have a strong desire for martyrdom. This is just in line with what we see in the modern day terrorism. They easily take up suicide bombing as a way to attack their targets.
2- They believe that anyone outside their fold and territories is a non believer and could be slain. Just like ISIS was in their declaration of state and Boko Haram's seizure of Sambisa, they attack every other places outside their territory. The Kharijis during their time even made it mandatory that every 'true Muslim' must migrate to their territory.
3-They term every act of sin as 'Kufr', that is disbelief and anyone in disbelief can be killed. This in comparison with what terrorists always do claim now about the outside world being very sinful and only their cure is the one God endorsed.
With these three points, one can see the similarities shared with defunct Khariji sect and the modern day terror syndicates troubling the world.
Are they Muslims?
The Prophet Muhammed himself answered that long ago when he said,
"There will come a people from the east who recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats. They will pass through the religion just as an arrow pierces its target and they will not return to it just as the arrow does not return to the bow"
With the above quote of Muhammad about the Khariji sect, it can be concluded that they came out of the religion and have become so misguided that they are out of the religion. Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism has no place in Islam.
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