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Amazon package traps woman inside house


Feb. 12, 2020

Many people love to order stuff from Amazon but one woman from Ardmore, Pa., had a rude surprise back in January when she realized the product she ordered left her trapped inside her house.
A TikTok video the woman shot, posted on ViralHog’s YouTube channel, shows that the Amazon package was placed too close to the screen door, which made it impossible for her to open it more than three inches.
Shot on Jan. 12, she explains in the video that she was going to get her nails done when she realized she couldn’t get out. The video shows her struggling with the screen door and trying unsuccessfully to open the window on the door.
After being stuck inside for about an hour, she gets an idea. Using a spatula, she manages to nudge the package away from the screen door, allowing her to break free. The package is knocked down the stairs as she pushes the door open.
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