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'I'm not a pedestrian, I'm a vehicle': Bizarre moment man carrying a COUCH insists on walking in the road as he blocks traffic and argues with drivers


Feb. 12, 2020

For one man the lure of a comfortable seat at the beach on a hot day was simply too much.
Footage captured by onlookers shows a man hauling a couch, complete with cushions, to the beach in Eastbourne, New Zealand .
As he walks on the left hand lane of a busy main road, the woman filming him can be heard saying: 'Surely go on to the side, there's so much room.'
Cars driving behind him start continually honking their horns and trying to overtake him.
The man carries on walking in the road and slowly approaches the woman filming. As he walks past her she says: 'Good on you mate are you hot?
'You're in the middle of the road.'
While he is turned to face the woman filming him a car comes up behind him and slightly knocks him.
The driver of the car shouts: 'What the f*** are you doing man?'
To which the man replies: 'You're the one who's driving!'
Leaving the incredulous driver to respond: 'You're on the f****** road!'
When another car comes up behind him he turns around and shouts: 'Use your indicator! Do you know how to use an indicator?'
Another driver then approaches the couch-wielding man and starts shouting at him, prompting him to say: 'I'm not a pedestrian, I'm a vehicle because I'm carrying something.
'The footpath isn't big enough.'
Two cars then overtake him and even a bright yellow bus is forced to go round the side of him too.
According to Newshub , the man was later seen arriving at a packed beach with his sofa.
And New Zealand police have said his actions were dangerous and could have bad consequences.
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