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Intel becomes plus-one in pulling out of MWC over coronavirus outbreak

KB Philip

Feb. 12, 2020

Intel confirms it has pulled out of Mobile World Congress over the coronavirus outbreak
Just about every company attending Mobile World Congress this year has pulled out over the coronavirus outbreak, with Intel joining the growing list of companies removing themselves from MWC.
Intel said in a statement: " The safety and wellbeing of all our employees and partners is our top priority, and we have withdrawn from this year's Mobile World Congress out of an abundance of caution ". Intel isn't the only big player pulling out of Mobile World Congress, and joins the likes of Amazon , LG , NVIDIA , Samsung , and ZTE.
Mobile World Congress organizers GSMA are reportedly having internal meetings over the companies pulling out, but the organization declines to comments on these " internal meetings ". I'm sure we'll see MWC cancelled entirely in the coming days, as it is meant to have over 100,000 people attend, with around 6000 of those coming in from China. GSMA, however, has said that over 2800 exhibitors still plan to attend MWC 2020.
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