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Ladies , Did You Know that Wearing Your Husbands Clothes is Rewarding ?

Barongo KE

Feb. 12, 2020

Men are mostly introverts and are not able to express themselves on what they like in women. For this reason, women find it hard to understand what they can do to make their male partners happy. The funny thing is that men like very simple things that you can’t imagine.
Wearing his clothes is something that you may take to be weird but it is so rewarding in your relationship. The feeling of men when they see their ladies wearing their clothes may be funny but interesting – it is a feeling of ownership and love.
Men love how their woman looks in their clothing. The male physique is different so most clothes will look long, oversize and baggy on a woman’s body and this is why they absolutely love seeing you dressed in their clothing. Stealing your man’s shirt or hoodie is something he loves, just remember to return them!
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