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Samsung's Z Flip split-screen interface to come to non-Samsung devices, too


Feb. 12, 2020

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled their second folding smartphone to date: The Galaxy Z Flip. Though this phone is equipped with a special split-screen feature called "Flex mode" designed to optimize the user interface of folding phone, Google told The Verge that this feature could soon be integrated into non-Samsung handsets as well.
On Tuesday, Samsung officially debuted the Galaxy Z Flip, a folding smartphone that was leaked so extensively that virtually nothing about it came as a surprise. Nevertheless, Google did reveal an interesting detail about the device's split-screen interface, a technology the two companies created together.
The company told The Verge that "Flex mode," which converts the Z Flip's screen into two separate, independently functioning smaller screens divided at the fold, could be built into devices made by other phone makers in the future. Right now it appears that the mode has been optimized specifically for clamshell-style folding devices. This suggests that there is a market for flexible smartphones, at least from the manufacturer's point of view.
Google did not state when Flex mode will be available for other phone makers, but it's likely to be during the upcoming year.
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