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Victorians set to sweat well into next week


Feb. 12, 2020

Victoria has experienced an unusual and uncomfortable humid few days, and won’t receive any respite from it until next week.
Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Richard Carlyon said there were two major factors contributing to the tropical heat affecting the state.
The first is the tropical storm activity impacting the north east of the country, which has pulled a large amount of moisture into NSW and to the north of Victoria.
Tropical Cyclone Uesi has formed 1400km off the Queensland coast over the Coral Sea, which is further contributing to the moisture pushed towards the south.
Secondly, strong easterly winds are capturing the humidity and moving it across Victoria and into Melbourne.
Mr Carlyon said Melbourne does typically receive short bursts of tropical heat at this time of year, but the current ongoing humid weather pattern is quite “unusual”.
Victorians will see a return of a more familiar dry heat later next week, Mr Carlyon said.
The recent rain that has lashed NSW is not expected to significantly impact Victoria.
Some severe thunderstorms were predicted for today and Thursday, causing the BOM to issue a weather warning which has since been cancelled.
Originally published as What’s behind Melbourne’s ‘unusual’ tropical weather
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