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Animal abuse: outrage in the United States over the appearance of shot dolphins

Como aprender japones Rapido

Feb. 13, 2020

The first one appeared in the city of Naples with a gunshot wound or a very sharp object. The second was found in Pensacola with a shot in his left side.
florida map
The cities where they found the dolphins killed.
Google Maps
The United States Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that at least 29 dolphins were killed since 2002 on the southeastern shores of the North American country.
Generally, the aggressors were boat captains who shot dolphins as they approached . It was to “protect” their ships and the fish caught in their nets.
One of the dolphins found.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
According to experts, this happens because many people feed them illegally. This causes wild dolphins to approach the coast and end up being attacked.
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