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How Mask Of Masculinity Is Hurting Everyone

Khatete KE

Feb. 13, 2020

Men are human, they have their moments of pain, weakness and failure. They too shed tears. However, society has depicted men as though they should always show strength. This has created a mask of masculinity where men pretend to be strong on the outside when they are hurting on the inside. How does this hurt the family?
Build Up Of Frustration
When men fail to air their hurt feelings they build up frustration from the inside. Men who hide their frustrations would end up grumbling and quarrelling unnecessarily. This attitude on negativity ends up hurting relationships with the family members. They end up transferring the frustration to the whole family. It may be in physical violence, emotional abuse or verbal abuse. When a man seems distant and unwilling to share his feelings, this could be what he suffers from.
2.Dysfunctional families
Families in which men consider practice too much masculinity to a point of demeaning the women are at a high risk of becoming dysfunctional. The man and the women are supposed to help each other. If all the big duties rest on the man's head and the man behaves as if he cannot handle everything by himself and ignores the woman, the family may crumble. This is because of two reasons, the first being that the man cannot be very efficient carrying so much alone, he is prone to feel overworked, stressed and thus fail. The second reason is that the woman will feel useless and unappreciated.
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