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Man: Does Your Lover Actually Love You?

Khatete KE

Feb. 13, 2020

Sometimes love is not what it seems. It may look like love but end up to be something else. This is the reason why most men believe that no woman can love you like your mother. This is because your mother loves you when you have and when you don't. when you fail and when you win.
This is the ways to know if your lover really loves you or she is just there for the good times.
 They should care deeply about you. Love becomes love when it can fill up the shortcomings. It should help you feel at home and your lover should a place of solace where you can run to when everything else is not working out to refill your strength.
Men who experience this kind of love are more likely to be successful and happy since they experience much peace and support. Finding a lover may be hard if you are looking for the wrong things. In most occasions, men find what they look for, whether the wrong thing or the right thing.
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