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McCarthy: DOJ Made Decision to Override Roger Stone Sentencing Before Trump’s Tweet


Feb. 13, 2020

(CNSNews.com) - The Department of Justice had already made the decision to override the sentencing recommendation for Trump associate Roger Stone long before President Donald Trump tweeted about it, so the Democrats’ accusations that the president was interfering in the case isn’t valid, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Thursday.
During a Capitol Hill press conference, McCarthy was asked whether he thinks Trump shouldn’t have sent that tweet and whether the president is interfering in a case involving a friend of his.
“No, the president’s not interfering, because if you listen to the Department of Justice, they made the decision before the tweet ever went out. Attorney General Barr is coming before the committee as well, but there’s no issue here,” McCarthy said.
“It’s just like everything else that the Democrats went to play. They do not have facts. All they have is a mission to impeach, and this is all they continue to drive when the rest of America would like to move on from their nightmares they put us through, and let’s start working on issues that America cares most about,” he said.
McCarthy accused Democrats of jumping to conclusions without proof that the president pressured the DOJ to reduce Stone’s sentence.
When asked about any perception of interference in the Roger Stone, McCarthy said, “Have we not learned anything from what we just went through for the last two years? That Adam Schiff came to us and said he had a whistleblower and really fearful that that whistleblower would not be able to testify ‘cause the administration was going to stop him, and the only person who stopped the whistleblower and the transcript coming forward was Adam Schiff?”
“You have the Department of Justice clarify saying that they made the decision before any tweet even went out. So you have no proof of any information, but what do you jump to? Have we not jumped these hurdles enough for the last two years?” he asked.
“I mean Eric Swalwell’s already moving towards impeachment. How many times will they take us off this cliff? How many times will they fire before they ever aim or ever have the facts. We have found it time and again the number of times they have lied and not had the facts before them,” McCarthy said.
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