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Men: How To Be There For Your Family When Depressed

Khatete KE

Feb. 13, 2020

1.Take a vacation
Taking a vacation will help you relax. This is the moment you take your whole family out when you can and spend some quality time together. While this helps to build good memories it helps you to relax and heal. Taking a vacation will help you rest from those things that stress you up and give you more time to attend to your family and do those things you love with them.
2.Help In The Home Chores
Helping in doing the home chores like doing the dishes and cooking will prevent you from isolating yourself and sinking into your own thoughts. It will at the same time help you to build appreciation from other members of the family. It is one of those things that will open windows for you to express yourself.
3.Express Yourself
Express yourself and your frustrations and let your family members help you where they can. This will help them get the chance to help. Your family members love you and want to help you when you share with them your frustrations you gave them a chance to be there for you. This also shows them that they too can be vulnerable and open up to you. It, therefore, becomes a good opportunity to also listen to the frustrations of other members of the family and help where you can. It is when you help others overcome their frustrations that they too help you overcome your own
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