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Netflix sparks deal with Samsung to produce exclusive content for Galaxy users that includes behind-the-scenes footage from original series like ......

Fabiyi Taiwo

Feb. 13, 2020

Users anticipated Samsung unveiling its foldable phone at the 'Unpacked' event held in San Francisco this week, but were surprised to learn the firm has struck a deal with Netflix .
The streaming service is now Samsung's official mobile entertainment partner, which will provide exclusive content and strengthen integration with Galaxy smartphones.
Users can access interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from original series like Narcos and Elite – all of which will be shot with the new Galaxy S20 smartphones.
Also included in the deal is an updated Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, which will quickly recognize and play Netflix-original shows when asked, Forbes reported.
And Galaxy phone users will receive pop-up recommendations of shows.
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Netflix's Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Lee-Joe told an audience at the Unpacked event: 'The mission of this partnership is to make the Netflix viewing experience on Samsung mobile the absolute best it can be.'
The partnership could help bring in new customers for each of the firms, however, Netflix already dominates the streaming market with 167 million users around the globe.
Although it reigns supreme, the platform is facing more competition with new big-name competitors like Disney+, Apple TV Plus and HBO Max, according to CNET .
On the other hand, Samsung would be the one to reap more benefits from the alliance by gaining new customers in 'the international markets where Netflix is growing fastest,' CNET wrote.
'We believe this significant partnership will provide millions of Samsung mobile users across the globe the best mobile entertainment experience, and make discovering new stories around the world easier than ever,' Lee-Joe said.
In addition to the Netflix deal, Samsung also unveiled its highly-anticipated foldable phone – the Galaxy Z Flip.
While many details about the Z Flip had already been leaked prior to the event, Samsung still had a few surprises for users who tuned into its 'Unpacked' event, including a new and improved hinge that should help mitigate previous issues with its previous foldable devices as well as details on pricing and official release date.
According to Samsung, the phone will be released on February 14 for a formidable $1,380 - several hundred dollars more than Apple's most expensive iPhone 11 Pro model.
The Z Flip, which is the first ever commercially-available folding phone to have a horizontal crease across the center of the device that allows it to bend like a retro clam shell phone, will feature Samsung's foldable glass and come with a and a 6.7-inch display.
Samsung says its new hinge is reinforced by fibers that wrap around the actual hinge mechanism to help stave off dirt and other particles that can damage the display and hinder the folding mechanism.
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