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REVEALED: Modern Men Are Scared Of S.ex, See Why


Feb. 13, 2020

It’s commonly believed that men are more s.exually active as compared to their female partners. But very often, they too encounter several fears related to their bedroom romp, which can in turn cause doldrums in their s.exual relationship.
Fears related to their s.exual performance, s.ex position, ejaculation period, a satisfying orgasm and wild acts in bed often end up killing their passion. 
With these fears running through their mind, men not only fail to satisfy their female partner, but are unable to enjoy the act themselves.
Men always relate s.ex and s.exuality with their egos and they never want to fail there. This is the biggest fear in them which converts to performance anxiety. 
This anxiety leads to a man failing to perform well in bed and if their female partner does not have the patience to bear with them, relationship goes for a toss easily.
Here are some common fears that make men nervous every time they gear up for a steamy romp…
Leaving Her Unsatisfied
The fear of leaving the female partner unsatisfied has a direct correlation with a male’s organ size. While a woman thinks bigger the better, the man keeps worrying about what if he’s unable to give the desired pleasure. 
This fear of not giving their best somewhere triggers a feeling of being an imperfect s.ex partner, which may even hit a man’s ego directly.
Premature ejaculation
A nice s.ex quickie is all about giving and receiving pleasure. While men make every efforts to please their female partners, they would, most of the times, remain anxious about their own climax and this fear is driven by the ejaculation period. 
It’s a very common apprehension that men come across where they suffer premature ejaculation due to which they end up spoiling s.ex.
Not Getting Her Pregnant
Though it’s not necessary that every s.ex session should be aimed at getting the woman pregnant, but still men do carry impotency fears in their minds. 
The continuous worry of not getting a woman pregnant puts men in a serious stigma, which adversely affects their s.exual performance.
Lacking Porn Value
It’s a normal practice that men watch porn to learn certain s.exual acts and then repeat them with their partner. In an attempt to try something new and opt for wild acts, men repeatedly indulge in bringing out the porn elements in their s.ex life. 
And many a times, if the female partner is not responding positively, men start feeling that they are lacking somewhere.
Masturbation Done In The Past
Several studies have claimed that masturbation done during one's childhood or adolescent years doesn’t impact a person’s s.ex life in his later years. 
Yet there exists numerous fears attached to the same. Men often blame their masturbation habits for their weak bedroom performance and with this illogical apprehension; they fail to focus on their present s.exual acts.
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