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The Morning Briefing: Granny Winebox Is Going to Hand This Election to Trump


Feb. 13, 2020

They Can't Really Be This Stupid, Can They?
There was a time when I used to have nothing but praise for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political instincts and acumen, despite the fact that she represented the other side. In her first incarnation as Speaker of the House, Pelosi was extraordinarily shrewd and powerful. She managed to get members of her own caucus to give up their careers for Obamacare.
Her second turn in the job is making me seriously consider that some sort of intergalactic space invader body-snatching may have happened here.
Evidently so drunk that she’s unaware her first attempt blew up in her party’s face, Pelosi is once again going on about investigating President Trump .
When I first read the news I did a double, then a triple take. Then I called several people close to me to make sure I hadn’t recently suffered any head trauma.
The House investigation and impeachment of the president last year were, by any objective measure, monumental failures. Trump emerged from the tawdry spectacle stronger than ever. After being harangued and slandered by every Democrat on Capitol Hill throughout the impeachment drama, the president’s approval ratings actually got better. It was the radioactive spider that bit him and gave him superpowers.
Now the Democrats are looking for more spiders.
The Democrats have just suffered through a miserable ten-day stretch. New Hampshire didn’t help, anointing a front-runner that no one in the party establishment wants to get the nomination. Pelosi should be leading the party in a direction that at least gives the appearance of wanting to find cohesion and a path to victory. Instead, she wants to revisit her greatest failure, which just happened to have wrapped up a week ago.
The cluelessness about impeachment runs all through the Left. Just yesterday, a reporter asked the president what he learned from impeachment, a question that was wholly out of context. Trump handled it brilliantly:
Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time watching the Democrats flail about like this. For months, I’ve been joking that Trump may not even have to campaign to win re-election. All he has to do is exist, which drives all Democrats into such a state of irrational frenzy that better judgment becomes anathema to all of their political calculations.
If Nancy Pelosi wants to open another investigation into the president it will basically be an in-kind contribution to his re-election campaign.
So crawl back into that box of Merlot, Granny. Republican voters everywhere would like to thank you in advance.
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