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Tips On How To Respond To Her Rejection

Billy KE

Feb. 13, 2020

When you make advances at a woman always have the mindset that you might be rejected. Though, no one wants a rejection it happens anyway so what is essential is to know how to respond to a "No".
Stay calm and keep your cool
Not all rejections are cool, some are messy and cold hence you might feel humiliated and even get out of temper. It is always wise to keep your cool and if possible walk away calmly. Some ladies at probably testing your cool and want to know if you are a gentleman from the first impression.
2. Understand that not all women are the same
Not all women respond the same way to advances. There are those who like cheesy pickup lines and there are those who do not like anything over the top. Some would want to know you first hence a general conversation would suffice. So when rejected, just make yourself understand this and you can try something else. 
3. Leave your ego at bay
When you keep your ego at bay, you are not going to respond in a way that will make you regret or do something crazy. When rejected, you can laugh off or pretend to cry and move on.
4. Walk away, do not beg
When rejected, the best thing to do is to walk away calmly. You leave things as they were as if nothing has happened. Avoid the tendency by some men to keep on the beginning when rejected. That makes you look awkward and worsen the response.
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