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Two companies are raided in the case for alleged irregularities in tolls contracts

Mushumba mbao

Feb. 13, 2020

By order of the federal judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral, the Federal Police carried out this Thursday raids to offices of the concessionary companies of the Pan-American and Western Highway, in the framework of the investigation by alleged irregularities in the renegotiation of tolls contracts with the national State during the macrismo, judicial sources informed.
Punctually, the operations are carried out in five units of the concessionary companies Autopistas del Sol (Ausol) and Concesionarios del Oeste Group (West Access) . In addition to the headquarters of the firms, in the Buenos Aires downtown, justice was also presented at the headquarters of Ausol in San Isidro and the Concessionaires of the West in Ituzaingo. The fifth search was carried out at the home of Natal Inversiones, minority partner of Ausol.
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In the case, which began after a complaint by the Kirchner deputies Rodolfo Tailhade and Leopoldo Moreau The former president Mauricio Macri, and former ministers Guillermo Dietrich and Nicolas Dujovne, are accused.
Lawmakers asked to investigate the conditions under which mbas companies agreed to give up their millionaires claims to the State before the International Center for Settlement of Disputes (ICSID) of the World Bank, for alleged breaches of contracts by successive governments.
In return, Autopistas del Sol managed to the concession extended to him until 2030, and that he was paid 499 million dollars for “investments made not amortized”. The agreement was with the Spanish firm Albertis S.A, controller of Ausol and former partner of Sideco, the company of the Macri family. until 2017.
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Tailhade and Moreau denounced that on December 7, 2015, three days before the start of the Cambiemos government, Albertis filed a claim for 1,100 million dollars before ICSID. According to deputies K, that demand would then have been used as an argument by the Macri government to renegotiate the concession.
The complainants also claim that the National Road Attorney Julieta Ripolli would have quit her job for refusing to endorse the alleged irregularities.
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