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C0CK SUCKING STORY: See How To Blow His Mind Away


Feb. 14, 2020

On some days, ladies, don’t you want to just go all out and please your man as he pleases you? Men want to be pleased as much as y’all want to and a great way to do this is giving him a mind-blowing job. 
A few reasons why some ladies are unable to give great bl0w jobs are; they are shy, they think it’s nasty, therefore, they don’t enjoy doing it, they are selfish (they would rather be pleased than please) or they just don’t know how to and they don’t exactly put effort into doing it.
Today happens to be a day when a lot of bedroom activities would go down and I’m particularly certain that you want to do an amazing job down there after all the treatment your man has given you. Here are a few tips to rock his boat in bed.
The first tip is to put your mind in the game.  Create a space for this activity in your head and activate it whenever it is time to get into action. Put yourself into a certain mindset when you suck c0ck.  
When you put yourself in that space, your whole body is ready to deliver. Try to imagine what the view is like from where he is, and how every sensation will be felt by him. This means that you’re sucking mindfully with his enjoyment a priority – quickly seconded by my own.
Imagine you have your own c0ck and how you would want it to be satisfied in your girl’s mouth The sensations you’d want around your c0ck collar, down the shaft, the head of your c0ck completely covered with your girl’s warm wet mouth, attention given to your balls and then depending on the mood moving towards anal lubrication and penetration.
Bl0w jobs are 90% imagining you have a c0ck, 5% listening to the audible responses and 5% making sure you don’t choke.
After putting yourself in that space, wrap your fingers around his hardness and gently move up and down, letting his junk travel in a loose grip rather than holding too tight which may be uncomfortable. Before doing this, ensure that he is properly lubricated.
Gently quicken your pace gradually until you feel like he has ached enough to let him into your mouth. Ease the tip of his c0ck into your mouth as slowly as possible and taste his pre-cum with the tip of your tongue. 
Allow your tongue swirl over the tip of hardness while you continue the movement with your hands.  While doing that, allow your other hand to stray towards his balls and start to tease and pull gently on them.
Form an O with your lips and take him in up to half of his full length. At this point, your tongue is not touching him yet. Just let the tight circle of your lips meet the tip of his p£nis and slowly roll them downwards. Bring your lips back up to his tip while you get your tongue into action.
Begin to suction him slightly. This means that the insides of your cheeks will connect with his p£nis shaft as you travel downwards while sucking him off. You need to conjure all the saliva you can as you would as much suction as possible. Don’t forget the noises you ought to be making that signifies that you’re not only pleasing him but you’re having fun with doing what you’re doing.
You may need to get on all fours as the game heightens. Use one hand to steady yourself and use the other hand to play with his balls.  At this point, you and he are now ready for his full length to be taken in your mouth.
Take him in so his c0ck head hits the back of your throat with every thrust. Keep at that while using your hands to work him also at certain points. Suck and work until he stiffens and releases all that stress on your face or anywhere you like it.
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