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How low is the status of Indian women? The reason why a man marries his wife is so ridiculous!

Napoko Annet

Feb. 14, 2020

It is understood that assaults on women by men are common in India, and there is a case of rape every 22 minutes in India. Such an environment is very scary. Women are raped, slaved, beaten, abused, child prostitutes ... these are very common. It's incredible that these things happen in our country, and it's no wonder that Indians are no strangers.
New Delhi is the capital of India, but it has the name "Rape Capital". Indian women have already determined that their lives are destined to be tragic since they were born, because from ancient times to the present, there has been a prejudice against women in Indian ideas. So the status of Indian women is also very low. Aside from their background, Indian women are very intellectual, with a little red eyebrows, a graceful body, wearing spinning and a very beautiful veil. They should have been loved by people but treated unfairly .
Surprisingly, in some parts of India, women are only used by men. There is no polygamy in India. It is against the law to marry more, which is clearly stipulated in the teachings of India. But there are still many men who marry multiple wives, but the reason for more marriages is also very puzzling. A small village in India has a small population. Almost two men in this village have two or more "wife".
This village has been plagued by drought and water shortages all year round. There is no water source in this village. If villagers want to drink water, they can only fetch water from far away. Because the road is bumpy, local men marry an "wife" to give home The reason for fetching water is also very far-fetched. The so-called wife is just a nominal wife. In fact, it is a plumber. It is called a "water wife." People come to call. The process for them to get water is also very difficult. It takes two hours to get water, and they have to wait in line to get water, which is also very tragic.
Water wife usually died because her husband was remarried to other men, so her status is even lower. These women are not auspicious to Indians, and have no status at all. Someone once said that it is not illegal to marry so much in India? In fact, this is illegal, but the status of Indian women is very low, no one cares about them, and divorced women are even more statusless.
Even more exaggerated is that some villagers said: The authorities do not help us solve the problem of drinking water, then I can only marry my wife to fetch me water, and it does n’t break the law! Whose problem is this phenomenon, is it official, or is it their own reason? I hope everyone will leave a message for discussion.
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