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Letter: WCCUSD school board wants more, more, more


Feb. 14, 2020

WCCUSD school board wants more, more, more
The WCCUSD wants to issue yet another bond for new construction.
This latest bond would dramatically increase our taxes while ignoring predicted declining enrollments and a $40 million deficit in annual operating expenses.
Buildings do not educate children. Good teachers and programs do. New “palaces” like the Pinole Valley High School should never be the highest priority.
There are already five WCCUSD bonds on my current tax bill, and the district is planning to issue another $200 million in bonds this year that voters previously authorized. Yet this fiscally irresponsible school board wants more, more, more.
Our tax rates are already way out of proportion to other area school districts. We can simply not afford more. Enough is enough! Vote no on Measure R.
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