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MUST SEE: How To Make LAST MINUTE Valentine's Day Plans!


Feb. 14, 2020

Are you wondering how to celebrate valentine's day with your significant other? Do you want it to be memorable and fun? 
Are you looking for ideas that are thoughtful and pocket-friendly? If you haven't made any plans for today, you're in luck. 
I got a new job this week and my significant other is miles away from me which means I won't be able to be with her today.
Before I got this job, I already made plans but since I won't be using them, there is no reason for me not share them with you.
The good thing about these tips is that they will make your partner love and respect you more for your thoughtfulness without realizing that you made last-minute plans. Moreover, they are pocket-friendly ideas.
1. Recreate your first date
Regardless of the number of dates, you have had with your partner, your first date will always be fresh in your memory. 
Take them out to the location of your first date and if you have a photographic memory, you can order the same things you ordered the first time.
2. Plan a weekend getaway
Thankfully, today is Friday so you can go somewhere cozy with your partner for the weekend. This was my main plan but sh!t happens. 
Anyway, go somewhere affordable and make sure you have a list of things to do during the weekend unless you want to stay indoors eating, watching tv, having tons of s£x, snuggling and sleeping which isn't a bad idea if you ask me.
3. Go clubbing
Like I said earlier, today is Friday so the clubs will be open. I am pretty sure they will take advantage of valentine's day to organize a valentine's day themed event. Go clubbing with your significant other but do not break the bank at the club.
4. Netflix and chill
Watch a couple of movies on Netflix at home with your partner. 
Since you won't be going out, make sure you put in the effort in pimping out your apartment to make it look nice. 
Visit the internet for ideas on how to decorate your apartment. 
If you are picking any of these ideas, I hope you have lots of fun tonight and make sure you give me feedback. 
As for me, I will be spending the night sleeping. 
The traffic in Lagos this week has been nothing to write home about so I am sure I will most likely spend 4 hours or more going back home.
Happy valentine's day! 🎉
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