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Over 140 jihadists to be freed in France by 2022: MP calls for Macron referendum

Luciano chegs

Feb. 14, 2020

The deputy LR and member of the law commission Guillaume Larrive warned that more than 140 jihadists imprisoned in France would be released by 2022, in an open letter to Emmanuel Macron published by Le Figaro Friday.
Guillaume Larrive, deputy LR, has in a letter addressed to Macron in Figaro, alerted on the coming release of more than 140 jihadists from French prisons.
“531 individuals are imprisoned for acts of Islamist terrorism. Yet among them, objectively regarded as the most dangerous at this stage, 43 will be released in 2020, 57 will be released in 2021, and 46 again in 2022, “said Mr. Larrive, who chairs the parliamentary mission of assessment of the legal framework for intelligence services.
The first “wave” of jihadists
According to him, this acceleration is explained by the fact that “the first jihadists who joined the Iraqi-Syrian zone in the years 2012-2013 were unfortunately only sentenced to terms of a few years”.
“Who would believe that such individuals, driven by hatred of France, and now free, do not represent a huge challenge for national security?” He wonders.
Towards a referendum?
The deputy of Yonne therefore calls Emmanuel Macron to “submit to the French, by a referendum organized before the summer, a law creating a national security tribunal”.
This court would be competent “to order, upon requisition of the national antiterrorist parquet floor, the placement in judicial detention of the Islamist terrorists at the time of their release from prison”.
The issue of detention returned to the debate at the beginning of January when the first French jihadist sentenced to his return from Syria, Flavien Moreau, was released, who had been sentenced in November 2014 to seven years in prison. He is now being followed up under judicial supervision and his release is accompanied by various obligations and prohibitions.
According to Mr. Larrive “77 ex-detainees were the subject, for a few months, of an individual measure of administrative control and surveillance” in 2019.
But “this will not be enough to defuse human bombs which threaten to explode today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow”, warns the deputy of Yonne, who adjures the head of state: “Do not wait, to act, that a new attack be committed by one of these ex-prisoners free of their movements ”.
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