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Reasons why tycoon Kibor and Atwoli drive Kenyan women crazy with love

Abba Umar

Feb. 14, 2020

Prominent politician-cum-farmer Jackson Kibor, 86 is always trending over his relationships and so does COTU boss Francis Atwoli.
Kibor, who was granted a divorce from his third wife Naomi Jeptoo,  could not hide his joy at the prospect of being a single man again.
The ruling came barely a year after Kibor divorced his second wife, Josephine.
Kibor had been married to the third wife for more than 43 years and 52 years with the second wife, whom he divorced in 2017.
Kibor had four wives, one of whom is deceased.
Kibor however is not the only man who has a way of attracting women. COTU boss Francis Atwoli is another man who women can’t keep away from.
Here are some of the reasons as to why women love Kibor and Atwoli
1. Money
Love him or hate them, Kibor and Atwoli are loaded.
Unlike Ben 10’s, these men have worked hard for their money, after all don’t they say that money makes the world go round?
Money may not be everything but it can give you a comfortable life.
2. They love spoiling women
Unlike the Xaxa generation, Kibor and Atwoli are of the generation where men toiled HARD to win a woman.
They ensured a woman was well clothed, well fed and obviously looking good.
Nowadays it is no longer news for a man to invite a woman out on a date just to feed her on air buggers.
3. S#xual prowess
Back in the day, men were fed on whole foods such as yams, organic greens, porridge and such but nowadays most men are battling s#xual dysfunction.
More and more young men throng fast food joints, that according to research has negatively affected their bedroom skills.
Kibor and Atwoli are active all the way, don’t they say ‘Paka mzee hunywa maziwa’.
4. To bear him children
Who wouldn’t love a father who is loaded for his kids?
Financial security is a big deal for most women and by now you already know that Kibor and Atwoli are not just guys next door.
Women throng their space and life because he can give them security and one way of ensuring that is by giving him children.
5. For fame
Kibor loves the spotlight so does Atwoli.
For some women, interacting or dating Kibor is one sure way of catching the public’s eye. After all they say fake it till you make it.
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