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S£XY AND FAT: Girl Has Got 99 Problems, But Fat Ain't One!

Ade, son of Ade

Feb. 14, 2020

A plus-size model claims she has '99 problems, but being fat, ain't one.’ Julianna Mazzei, AKA Jewelz is confident, humorous and sassy, and has no shame when it comes to posing with little clothing and talking to her thousands of social media followers about ‘fat problems.’ 
source: youtube.com
The 25-year-old from Toronto, Canada told reporters: “I feel se'xy in my body and I feel like everybody should.” Although the body-positive advocate is now confident in her size 22 clothes, Jewelz hasn’t always been proud to show off her physique in revealing clothing.
source: youtube.com
Watch the full story here: 
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