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Solution For Ladies: How To Balance Between Work And Finding Love

Barongo KE

Feb. 14, 2020

When it comes to love and career, it is often too easy for women to give priority to one over the other. However, failure to strike a balance between the two can lead to putting either your relationship or job at risk. Putting too much focus on your relationship with “him” will hinder your productivity at work. Equally, putting too much concentration on your career may make your man feel neglected. However, there is a way to strike a balance between the two. Here is how you can do it.
1.Always have a schedule
If it is not in your schedule, it is never going to happen. You may have forgotten to have personal time because you have not dedicated any free time to growing your career. Your social life should not revolve around work .it is important to have time for your relationships.
2.Leave work issues in the office where they belong
This works together with the first tip. The only way to do this is to maximize your time at work so that you have your time outside work for more fulfilling personal life and your family as a wife or mother.
3.Be focused in your relationship or family the same way you do to your work
May women are using work as an excuse they are not dating or having time for their family. Women should stop this and set time for their family even once in a while.
As far as women are busy, they should set time for things they value.
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