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The rider crushed by his horse at the Festival of Jesus Maria woke up after almost a month in a coma

Awoyemi Oluseye Abiodun

Feb. 14, 2020

A rider woke up from the hospital coma in which he was from the on January 18, when he suffered an accident and was crushed by his horse at the 55th Dressage and Folklore Festival 2020 of Jesus Maria , medical sources reported.
Is about Leonardo Trevissan, 38 and representative of the Entre Rios delegation, who is admitted to intensive care at the Italian Hospital of Cordova . The man fell and was crushed by the horse he was trying to tame, which caused him a head trauma, epidural hematoma, cerebral edema and sinking of the skull.
In addition, he suffered a chest trauma with pulmonary contusion, medical sources said.
The last medical part issued last night indicated that Trevissan had a “favorable awakening, is hemodynamically stable and continues under a reserved prognosis. Wake up favorable with responses to stimuli and initiation of communication.”
Meanwhile, the Festival Commission reported that on Monday the son of the injured rider was born, named Elias, who is in good health as well as the mother of the child and the tamer’s partner.
In the same Festival of Jesus Maria, on the night of January 13, f The rider Norberto Eric Cossuta, a 40-year-old from Cordoba, who represented Catamarca, who was crushed by his horse when he fell off the mount and suffered trauma to various parts of his body.
Telam Agency.
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