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TRASHY OR CHIC? Blazer Dresses The Hottest Trend Right Now


Feb. 14, 2020

Images via pinterest
The blazer dress is one of the hottest trends right now; it just has a way of making you feel in charge, like a boss lady and I feel like everyone should have at least one or even multiple of them. A blazer dress is just like an oversized blazer buttoned up and they are absolutely stylish and can be worn for different events such as; meetings, red carpet shows, interviews etc.
Finding your fit is very important so one won’t be looking like a clown! Yeah I said it, Clown! and there are different ways to style the blazer dress (for different occasions). They also come in several colours and cut. If you want a touch of glamour in your look or outfit, then the blazer dress is a good choice so stay chic and slay with your outfit.
Seyi Shay is the boss chic in this outfit
Be unconventional, we don't want it regular
These butterfly motifs on the blazer dress is all you need to make a statement.
Oversized blazer is a thing but don't let yours slack, it would be a disaster.
Try cinching your waist with a belt
Accessorize like Rhonkefella
Olar Slim is a sight to behold
Announce your presence a blazer dress embellished with appliqués.
Love the blazer dress? Trashy or chic?
Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
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