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Try find love during your service year - Corpers wey marry


Feb. 14, 2020

Di two NYSC corps members wey marry each other for Kano Mohammed Musa and Hauwa Yahaya Bagudu tell BBC Pidgin say dem dey advise oda corpers to try find love during dia service year as dem do.
According to Hauwa, money no be everything so if a lady see corps member wey she like e beta make she make efforts to make things happun instead of eyeing rich men and big pipo.
“My advise to corpers be say if you see fellow corper wey you like try make am happun because it is not all about money, love is di main thing.”
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Di couple wey marry on Friday, February 7 say dis na dia first Valentines Day together and dem go try make am nice for each other.
“Dis na our first valentines day and i go try take her out to give her a nice treat, even though money no too dey but i go try.” Dis na wetin Mohammed yan.
Im wife Hauwa tok say she don chop her alawee finish so nothing like Valentines Day gift for Mohammed.
“Alawee don finish so nothing like valentine gift, but i go give am my love wey full ground.”
Unlike di normal practise wey be say NYSC go give corpers wey marry N50,000 gift price, di corpers say NYSC no contribute anything to dia wedding.
“To be honest NYSC no contribute anything to dis wedding, di state co-ordinator na im give us small something out of im pocket say make take buy pure water but nothing from NYSC.” Dis na wetin di groom tok.
Hauwa say wetin first attract her to Mohammed na im sincerity, e know book and di fact say e dey intelligent.
“I like say my bobo dey honest, intelligent and e come handsome join dis na wetin attract me.”
For Mohammed e say wetin attract am to Hauwa be say she nice and get good training from house.
“She be pesin wey get home training wella and she nice, dis na some of di things wey i like about her.”
Mohammed say e dey carry im wife dey go Nasarawa State wia e come from wen service end next month wia e go continue to survive on im tile fixing work before e get office work.
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