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Videos Of James Alex Hurley, 12, Appears To Be Tortured By Family Members Before Death - The Demon's Den

Makur liat

Feb. 14, 2020

Cell phones belonging to Batts, Sasser Jr. Madison Sasser and the 14-year-old uncle were seized by detectives.
On Dec. 12, 2019 a video on Batts’ phone shows the boy doing forced jumping jacks while holding his buttocks area, crying and saying he has to go to the bathroom. Batts reportedly can be heard in the video mocking him.
On Jan. 10, 2020, a video on Batts’ phone shows the boy standing near the garage door, bent over holding his head in his hands, rocking back and forth saying “no” and moaning. Another video, time-stamped 2 minutes later, shows the boy crying and saying, “Ow, it hurts so bad.”
Several videos show the boy being forced to sit against the wall or door to the garage in a squat position
Several other videos show the boy being forced to do jumping jacks as punishment.
On Jan. 10, 2020, a video on the 14-year-old uncle show the boy sitting against the door to the garage, crying: “I f###ing hate this.” A larger male can be seen on the video hitting the boy with a piece of wood. The boy is heard screaming about committing suicide.
On Jan. 17, 2020 a video on Batts’ phone shows the boy has cuts on his face and wrist.
On Jan. 23, 2020 a video on Batts’ phone shows the boy against the front wall of the house, pinned between the wall and the couch with his arms in the air above his head. He reportedly does not have a shirt on and has red marks and injuries to his shoulder. The boy can reportedly be seen starting to fall asleep, resting his head against the window trim. Batts can be heard saying “Wake up! Get your f###ing head off there!” In another video, Batts can be heard telling the boy to keep his hands apart and open in the air. Hurley is crying and visibly shaking, saying that he hurts and his head hurts. Batts can be heard reportedly saying, “Who cares.”
On Jan. 27, 2020 a video on Batts’ phone shows the boy only wearing underwear, being forced to stand in front of fans in the dining room. Throughout the video Batts is heard berating the boy, while the 6-year-old uncle is seen, acting as if it were a normal occurrence.
Another video from Jan. 17, 2020 on the 14-year-old uncle’s phone shows Hurley standing in front of the fan in his underwear. Batts can allegedly be heard telling him, “Oh, you’re not even a human, you’re some kind of thing.”
When detectives located videos of Hurley from approximately 2 years ago, the boy appeared to be a healthy and well-fed boy. At the time of his death, detectives observed that Hurley appeared to be emaciated. Detectives also observed that a good portion of the food in the house was locked away and the boy would not have access to it.
On Jan. 17, 2020 Sasser III texted Sasser Jr. at 8:07 a.m. “I’m gonna end up killing him today.”
On Jan. 27, the 14-year-old searched for “what was the longest coma?” On Feb. 2, 2020 he searched for “what are the symptoms of brain injury?” “Concussion symptoms” and “how do you tell if someone has a concussion?”
During various interviews, detectives determined Hurley had been taken out of school in Sept. 2019. Court documents state it appears that very few people have had contact with the boy in the last several months outside the family.
Batts stated she and Sasser Jr. didn’t take Hurley to a doctor to seek medical help for any of his injuries.
Bail for Batts was set at $750,000. Bail for Sasser is $500,000 with no contact with victims, witnesses or children.
Bail for James Sasser III was set for $500,000 in court on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020. Youth court will determine if Sasser III will be tried as an adult.
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