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Why Amazon Is Right To Take President Trump To Court

Lola H. Saydee

Feb. 14, 2020

Amazon recently took the Pentagon to court over a claim that the military unfairly locked the company out of bidding for a lucrative military contract worth billions of dollars. According to recently unsealed court documents, Amazon is arguing that President Trump and his Secretary of Defense Mark Esper should be required to testify about their potential role in the Pentagon’s decision to oust Amazon from consideration, something the company claims was politically-motivated.
Here’s an exploration of Amazon’s recent legal move against President Trump, and why the company which is so often legitimately criticized is actually doing the right thing here.
President Trump’s war on Jeff Bezos
There’s no denying that Jeff Bezos is a bad person; equipped with one of the greatest fortunes in all of human history and a nearly-infinite amount of privilege, he’s stood on the sidelines while countless humans starved or suffered due to a lack of financial resources. Despite the moral failings of the billionaire class, however, there’s no denying that President Trump has wrongfully targeted Jeff Bezos in an absurd political and social media campaign that’s largely based on nonsense.
For starters, consider how President Trump attacks the Washington Post, one of the world’s leading newspapers that happens to be owned by Mr. Bezos. Angry that the Washington Post has been critical of his administration, President Trump regularly lashes out against its owner on Twitter, despite the fact that the journalist at that publication don’t take their marching orders from its owner. His latest act is one of retribution - he seeks vengeance on the Washington Post by going after its owners most famous company, Amazon. By denying Amazon the opportunity to bid for a huge government contract, the president has abused his power like so many times before.
I know it can be hard to feel sympathetic for a billionaire like Bezos or for his massive company. What’s important, though, is that the leader of our country is abusing the powers of his office to pursue a personal vendetta. No matter what your thoughts are on Amazon, the Washington Post, or Jeff Bezos, this should concern you as a citizen living in a democracy. Yes, Bezos can probably hire a lawyer or even an army of them to deal with Trump’s corruption, but think of everybody else the commander in chief is leaning on behind the scenes - I doubt they have the resources of a billionaire.
Amazon is totally right to take President Trump to court. The company can and should be doing more for its employees, but in the meantime the very least it can do is leverage its vast financial resources to hold political power accountable. Even if Amazon is doing this for selfish reasons, it’s still producing a better outcome than the alternative of nobody checking President Trump’s excess. This is no justification for shoddy commercial practices elsewhere, but in the legal arena, it’s a step in the right direction.
Regardless of their opinion of the Washington Post, Amazon, or Jeff Bezoz, Americans of all stripes should eagerly welcome this effort to hold the Trump Administration accountable for its abuse of power.
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