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You might want to avoid this Windows 10 update – it could cause you to lose your data


Feb. 14, 2020

MICROSOFT has issued an important update to all Windows 10 users which fixes a number of security flaws in the operating system... but installing the patch could leave you with an even more infuriating problem.
If you've been hit by the latest Windows 10 glitch, you should see your profile ending in .000 or .bak . That means your data is still saved... although it's currently not loading correctly and leaving you with the default Start Menu configuration and desktop.
According to Bleeping Computer , which specialises in news around glitches, bugs and malware, some users have managed to fix the problem by restarting their Windows machine a few times. As there's very limited information about the bug at the moment, it's unclear whether this will work for everyone impacted.
Another more sure-fire way of reversing the damage is uninstalling the KB4532693 update, although that will leave your machine exposed to some rather nasty malware and viruses. So proceed with caution.
Microsoft hasn't enjoyed a great track record when it comes to its most recent Windows 10 updates. Last year, the company left millions of users unable to load-up the Start Menu thanks to a glitch that slipped into one of its operating system updates.
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