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Delete These Scammy Android Apps Now!


Feb. 15, 2020

How safe is your Android phone? More malware apps are putting your smartphones at risk.
An app may look harmless but it can pose a very big threat to your personal data.
Majority of people around the world have complained of downloading malicious apps from Google Play store. Imagine downloading an anti-virus app and it turns to be the real virus.
You are advised to be very careful while downloading an app from play store.
We will give you one minute to check if you have one of these malicious apps in your phone, and if so, please delete them immediately!
Sound Recorder      (100M)
Super Cleaner      (100M)
Virus Cleaner      2019 (100M)
File Manager      (50M)
Joy Launcher      (10M)
Turbo Browser      (10M)
Weather Forecast      (10M)
Candy Selfie      Camera (10M)
Hi VPN, Free VPN      (10M)
Candy Gallery      (10M)
Calendar Lite      (5M)
Super Battery      (5M)
Hi Security 2019      (5M)
Net Master (5M)
Puzzle Box (1M)
Private Browser      (500,000)
Hi VPN Pro      (500,000)
World Zoo      (100,000)
Word Crossy!      (100,000)
Soccer Pinball (10,000)
Dig it (10,000)
Laser Break      (10,000)
Music Roam      (1,000)
Word Crush (50)
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