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Storm Dennis WATCH: Waterfall in Ireland flows backwards as extreme winds begin to lash UK


Feb. 15, 2020

INCREDIBLE footage has showed an iconic waterfall in Ireland flowing backwards due to terrifying extreme winds of Storm Dennis, amid concerns over a "hurricane-force super storm".
Storm Dennis is set to wreak havoc across the UK this weekend as footage from Ireland shows the extreme winds already taking their toll. Incredible video of the Devils Chimney waterfall in Silgo, Ireland illustrates the sheer strength of the Storm Dennis winds. In the clip of the iconic waterfall, the extreme winds blows the water backwards up over the cliff face.
The astonishing footage shows the strength of the winds that Storm Dennis has brought.
There are concerns that these winds could later strengthen into a hurricane-force super storm over the Atlantic.
Storm Dennis is expected to devastate large regions of the UK this weekend, with the Met Office forecasting winds of up to 80mph.
Some areas of the UK will experience a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours, with up to 140mm of rainfall.
A recent Met Office chart suggested rain will fall over all of the UK, with the west of the country being the worst hit.
The Environment Agency has warned that the flood impact from the storm is likely to be worse than last weekend’s Storm Ciara due to rain falling on already saturated ground.
Officials have warned that Storm Dennis could cut off rural communities and spark major power cuts.
The Armed Forces have already been called in to help residents of Calderdale in West Yorkshire prepare for potential flood damage.
Military personnel will join workers and volunteers to support flood recovery efforts in the area, which was badly hit by flooding during last weekend's Storm Ciara.
The Met Office has already warned that Storm Dennis is a "danger to life," particularly due to fast flowing or deep floodwater.
Hundreds of flights in and out of the UK today have also been cancelled due to the weather.
Both British Airways and easyJet confirmed cancellations for safety reasons, and urged passengers to check their airline's website for latest updates.
EasyJet alone has cancelled more than 230 flights today.
Some coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities will likely be affected by spray and large waves
The latest satellite footage has shown two extremely intense storm centres merging together over the Atlantic.
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