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4 Facts why Uber Passenger Jumped into Lagos Lagoon


Feb. 16, 2020

So, why Someone decide to jump into a lagoon but not just any lagoon but lagos lagoon?
The person has not yet been identified yet.
News got acrossed that the passenger hailed the cab from gbagada to a destination in the state.
News gathered was that the passnger said he had a stomach ache and told the driver to stop on third mainland bridge.
Immadiately, the passenger jumped into the lagoon, this event happened around 11am.
Now, why would someone jump into a lagoon early in the morning?
Let's take a look a 4 facts that can lead to it.
This could be the amount of traffic in lagos
Maybe the person has lots of bad experience which lead to him doing such
What could be the remaining 2 facts that can lead to the person jumping into a lagoon?
keep listing yours let's see maybe we might solve this issue together..
Please its adviced that if you have anyone thats depressed please make them happy and relieved from depression so they don't commit such.
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