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Minister Bonafede: “Italy alive is isolated, Renzi’s vetoes will not pass”


Feb. 16, 2020

“I will never forget the roar with which the square welcomed me.”
Did you feel defended by the militants after the clash over the prescription? “Defended no, but embraced yes,” replies the Minister of Justice and head of the M5S delegation, Alfonso Bonafede.
Does the return to the square with anticasta slogan not destabilize Conte? “Absolutely not, it has nothing to do with the government. In Piazza Santi Apostoli, the Movement has claimed the right to defend the battles it has always carried out, starting with the annuities. It was a wonderful meeting opportunity ».
There were signs against Renzi and against alliances with the Democratic Party. Is the unitary project Conte works for you archived? «But no, a message about political strategies did not come out of that square, the voice of citizens arrived. With the political forces with which we are in government, we are writing an agenda of ambitious commitments on issues such as economy, environment, justice. Then the individual situations will be seen on the territories, step by step. The Movement has only one strategy, doing things. And with this government we are doing them ».
The go-ahead for his reform of the criminal trial came without the ministers of Italia Viva. What consequences will Renzi’s tear have? “Sorry when, in a government that should work as a team, there is a political force that isolates itself. Having said that, we are talking about a reform that all Italians are asking us to speed up the time of justice. There can be no vetoes and those who pose them should then explain to citizens that it is blocking a fundamental reform. We work together, we confront each other, but the veto policy does not serve the Italians ».
Has Italia Viva been ousted from decisions, both on justice and on public appointments? «No, no ousting, the about ten summits on justice that I have done with Italia viva demonstrate. We worked together and confronted each other, as on the prison of the great tax evaders. The reform of the criminal trial I had already presented it in October and the decisive summit we did it on 9 January, but since then due to the vetoes we arrived in mid-February. They are fixed on a point … ».
The prescription. «My prescription reform is already in effect since January 1st. But since I’m interested in eliminating impunity and speeding up the processes, we got to work. With the Democratic Party and with Leu, which also has a lower number of parliamentarians, we worked on an equal footing. The isolation of Italy alive is totally unreasonable. ”
An excuse to knock down Conte? “At some point, when you say no to anything and start voting with the opposition, you are no longer doing teamwork. That one in four trials go up in smoke every year is a problem that needed to be addressed, nobody can doubt it. And we, with the criminal trial, speed up the trials and align ourselves with the other EU countries, because only Greece has a mechanism similar to that applied so far in Italy, which has entailed denied justice ».
Renzi does not give up, says that the “Conte bis award” is unconstitutional. Are you willing to change again to avoid further fractures? «We have discussed a lot in the majority, the Conte bis award is the point of arrival of an agreement. Slowing down this reform would be particularly serious, the country would freeze. I’ve always said that the first thing to do is to invest in infrastructure. We are making a hiring plan for 600 magistrates and 9000 administrative staff. With the reform of the criminal trial, we put an additional injection of energy. Also thanks to the collaboration of the MEF, we have included 500 auxiliary judges in the courts of appeal since 1 January 2021 and a thousand units of administrative staff since 1 September 2020 “.
Have you placed the Lodo Conte bis in the criminal reform bill to lengthen the time and delay the clash with Renzi? “No, because the majority agrees on that rule and because it is good that there is a single design. Justice is fundamental, foreign investors look at the rankings on trial times ».
If the former prime minister really tried to discourage her in court, would the government fall? “Mistrust me? I do not comment on corridor rumors, which seem to me completely illogical. Each does what it believes and assumes its own responsibilities. When the argument becomes provocation, the worst way to respond is to fall for it. My reform is in effect, the Conte bis award is a good rule, but it is not my statute of limitations. I have never responded to controversy and provocations, except to say that citizens need reform quickly. “
Does the attempt to split the Renzian groups convince you? Or is it better to ask the “managers” of Forza Italia and ex M5S for help? “There is a government, there is a majority and in the morning, when I get up, I think of working for citizens. I do my best and I think I have done a lot as Minister of Justice. Just look at the list of approved measures, whether you share them or not. “
If Renzi continues to make opposition, how do you plan to move forward? «I have been attacked, personal injuries have been brought to me, but I do not care and respect everyone. The matter is not personal. There is talk of the good of the country and I have sworn on the Constitution. We can achieve goals together, I expect the attacks from the opposition. “
The M5S is at an all-time low, are you worried? “I never worked looking at the polls.”
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