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3 Deepest Regrets Of Men

Khatete KE

Feb. 17, 2020

1. I Wish I Was True To Myself
Most men regret at the end of their lives or at old age when they realize they have spent the whole of their lives seeking approval of other people instead of being true to themselves. They spend their lives looking for a good job, money and a great life so that they can be able to fit to the standards of the society. They in the process forget to do the things that make them feel alive. They forget to look for their purpose and live it. In the end when the time elapses they find that they used all their time pleasing people and the world which cares less about them.
2.I wish I had Loved Myself More
Men spend their lives chasing people and things. They give less attention to themselves, they invest less in their health and well being. In the end they regret not having attained the best version of themselves. Loving oneself well is something that is key in life. It helps you attain the best version of yourself and be able to love others more with the best you.
3. I wish I had loved others More
When men sit at their death bead they remember life and relationships more than things. They remember how they loved nad who they love. Some desire a chance to be able to love more. When w go we live every physical treausre behind. This is when people realize that they should have used their lives and welath to love others more.
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