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6 Good Habits To Start Your Day

Sharon KE

Feb. 17, 2020

1. Start your morning the night before
Plan and lay out what you will wear to work and mentally prepare yourself for your Despite that great TV show, the interesting friend who called you to catch up or gossip, or the video game you love playing, go to bed at a reasonable hour. Too little sleep sets you up for a grouchy, sluggish morning.
2. Wake up at the same time
People have circadian rhythms, or internal clocks. By waking at the same time every day, even on weekends, the rhythms function more productively, we feel better, and are healthier than sleeping in anytime you get a chance. Try to wake up within an hour of the same time, every day.
3.  Avoid the snooze button
Waking up once is difficult, so why make yourself do it, two, three, or half a dozen times? According to the American Heart Association, hitting snooze can leave you feeling worse than getting up when the alarm first goes off. Set your clock for when you need to rise, and get out of bed the first time.
4. Drink Water
With or without a lemon, drinking water in the morning – specifically 16 ounces – is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. It rehydrates you from a full night of sleeping without having fluids, fires up your metabolism, fuels your brain for a productive day, and can even help balance your appetite (by making sure you’re not actually dehydrated).
5. Eat Breakfast
Feed your body fuel for the day with a balanced breakfast. Include high quality proteins like eggs, flaxseed, or salmon, and healthy grains like oatmeal. It’s essential to eat breakfast every day for good health.
6. Allow plenty of time for your commute
Nothing causes stress and headaches more than being late and hitting bad traffic. Remedy this by leaving 15 minutes early. That way you won’t need to speed, make unsafe driving decision, or arrive completely irritated and exhausted.
Incorporating these small habits can be priceless in creating a healthy morning routine that increases energy and focus and decreases stress. They don’t take much time and can be adopted easily. If you can’t commit to them all, choose a few to add to your morning routine and enjoy how much better you feel!
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