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Are Good Men Real Men?

Khatete KE

Feb. 17, 2020

All men are men, whether good or bad. The question to ask therefore whether we have real and unreal men. What we refer to as good men are men who do good and meet some requirements. This, therefore, means any bad man can become a good man and any good man can become a bad man.
Men should, therefore, stop looking at themselves as real men and others as not. Instead as a man, you should focus on staying relevant to your purpose in the family and the community. It is when you are in a position to do good that you can become a good man when you do good.
It is you mandate as a man to do good.
Women may look for men able to do them good. The society too looks for men bent towards doing good. It is a high time we good apples can be bad and focus on taking good care of our young children lest they start doing bad things and end up labelled as bad men. The bad man or the good man could be your child.
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