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Fears, as man attacks medical workers, stab nurse over son's death

Edem Effiom

Feb. 17, 2020

An aggrieved father, was evidently noted to has attacked medical workers at the Sapele Central Hospital, in Delta State, as a result of the death of his child based on lack of medical facility.
It was made known that the aggrieved man went mad some minutes after the medical workers told him about the death of his one-year-six-month- old kid to him.
The young man, whose identity was not verified, was declared to have accused the doctors and nurses on duty of collaboration in the child’s death and pledged that one of the doctors or nurses must die along with his son.
It was made known that the grieving father strived to stab a nurse in the throat, but missed.
It was also made known that the suspect was also claimed to have hunted one of the doctors in an endeavor to stab him, but the latter fled.
It was noted that the ill baby was brought in to the hospital in a bad health condition. The accident and emergency unit was noted to have quickly resuscitated and admitted the little child to the ward.
The doctors was said to have studied the case and commenced medication immediately. Even with the fact that the condition was already very horrible, perhaps, the father was expecting some kind of miraculous recovery, unfortunately the condition worsened further and the baby died.
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