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here are how many are in Italy

Ali Mahmood

Feb. 17, 2020

as every year, the February 17 , we celebrate the national cat day . This animal, of independent nature, is associated with cliches that from the past still accompany it today. “Accused” – if his coat is black – of being bearer of misfortune , the cat in the past was considered the animal of witches. The party, born in 1990, falls precisely in February because, according to an old tradition, it was “the month of cats and witches, and the 17th because it is commonly associated with bad luck.
Popularity on social media
Let’s face it! Who has never stopped in watch a video on Youtube or posted and shared a photo of a cute kitten. Felines are probably the most popular animals on the web with videos from millions of views where they are shot in amazing jumps or in funny situations. Even the poet Francesco Petrarca , he was thought to be a great lover of these animals. The aphorism is attributed to him: “Humanity can be divided into two categories: those who love cats and those who are punished by life”.
Cats in Italy
But how many cats are there in Italy? According to what reported by Ansa, are 7.5 million . According to a 2019 research conducted by Censis, Italians are the first in Europe by number of pets: they are present in 52% of homes. With 53.1 pets per 100 inhabitants, Italy ranks second in Europe. Less than Hungary (54.2 per 100 people), but more than France (49.1), Germany (45.4), Spain (37.7) and the United Kingdom (34.6). In Italy the pets total 32 million and the cats in this ranking do not disfigure and take the silver medal: there are 12.9 million birds, 7.5 million cats , 7 million dogs, 1.8 million small mammals (hamsters and rabbits), 1.6 million fish, 1.3 million reptiles.
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