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Ladies: Three Simple Ways to Know He Real Loves You


Feb. 17, 2020

Its is sometimes hard for ladies who are in their first relationship to tell if the man real loves them. However there are simple ways ladies can use to tell if the man has honest love. Here are things you should look for:
   Respect is more important than love
Have you ever witnessed a couple (be it strangers on the street or like me, a friend and her boyfriend) arguing and the man gets angry and starts name calling?
If you are dating a man that doesn’t know how to control his anger to the point that he lashes out and verbally abuses you, then their love is questionable. When did love become abusive.
·        They let their actions speak for them
If I get a dollar for every time a guy sweet-talked me only to disappoint me with his actions, I’d probably be a part of the world’s top one per cent by now.
I have seen various women believe words that come out of a man’s mouth, turning a blind eye on his actions. He says he cares for you but his actions states otherwise. He says you can count on him but when you need him, he isn’t there. He says he gives you his word but breaks it every time.
·        They always want to communicate with you (text and calls)
A man that doesn’t want to talk to you everyday isn’t in love with you. How can he truly love you yet go days without communicating with you? That isn’t love boo. Yes, I understand that sometimes we might want our space but that doesn’t mean non-communication.
If a man takes days to communicate with you, be it sending/replying messages or giving you a call back, then that’s a red flag and I suggest you approach with caution.
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