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Trade fair destroys factories against court orders.

Rose unum

Feb. 17, 2020

The Ghana trade fair company limited took tenants and owners of factories positioned at trade fair by surprise when it illegally brought down these structures due to an ‘order from above’ with these structures worth millions of dollars.
Very late Sunday evening at around 10pm where probably owners of these structures were sleeping the authorities of trade fair decided to pull down all structures on the property without the knowledge of its owners and the exercise ended after 12 midnight.
Raymond Archer one of the owners of these structures stated that he got a call from one of his security personnel to inform him about the demolishing so he and other owners decided to go there and see things for themselves. Upon their arrival they say some armed policemen and set of bulldozers demolishing the factory.
According to him, the factory has been there for ten years now and there are new ones currently under construction which cost them $10 million. Sources say that chief executive officer of the trade fair center Dr Agnes Adu ordered for the demolition and has violated a court order by doing so.
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