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Wake up, mummy: Heart-breaking moment baby monkey tries in vain to stir its dead parent after the animal was electrocuted


Feb. 17, 2020

A baby Golden Langur monkey was filmed nuzzling its mother's corpse after she was reportedly electrocuted last week.
The tiny animal tried in vain to rouse its dead mother after she collapsed at around 3pm on Wednesday, near the Kakoijana forest by the city of Bongaigaon, Assam.
The golden-haired Old World monkey - indigenous to Assam in India - leapt around its mother and tragically nuzzled against her side.
It held on to its mother's head and looked frightened by the number of people in front of it, as humans surrounded them.
The infant paced around its mother, but it is unknown what later happened to the tot.
Later in the clip, after the sun went down, two men pulled the dead monkey up and placed her onto a piece of fabric.
They then wrapped her up in the cloth and took her away, presumably to bury her properly.
Golden Langurs are known for their black faces and long tail which can grow as long as 19 inches.
The monkeys' fur changes colour depending on the weather and the species like to live high up in the trees.
There are thought to be only 6,000 Golden Langurs in the wild.
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