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Winter is coming back – but only for a short time

Godis barly

Feb. 17, 2020

This week clouds and rain dominate the weather. After a short cool down in the middle of the week, the weekend gets milder again. Rose Monday could be stormy.
After the spring-like temperatures at the weekend, the new week starts again with lots of clouds and rain. Winter celebrates a mini comeback in the middle of the week, after which the weather calms down again. “It could be more turbulent and significantly windier for the new week,” predicts Oliver Klein, weather expert at MeteoGroup, in an interview with t-online.de. You can see how the weather will be with you above in the Video,
The week starts volatile in many places. It rains again and again in the south, and more heavily in the south of the Danube. In the Black Forest region it gets uncomfortable towards the evening, with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. It can also snow locally. It remains cloudy and changeable in the rest of the country. It can always rain locally. The sun can come out occasionally. The temperatures remain mild: 12 degrees are expected in Berlin and 15 degrees in Munich. In Hamburg and Cologne the thermometer shows 11 degrees.
Even on Tuesday it remains changeable with widespread showers across the country. “In the south and in the low mountain ranges you can look forward to a few hours of sunshine – it tends to be the friendliest there,” says Klein. The temperatures go down slightly: Frankfurt am Main, Dresden and Stuttgart expect 9, Hanover 8 degrees.
Winter celebrates a mini comeback on Wednesday
In the middle of the week the weather remains mixed with lots of clouds and little sun. It can rain locally. Winter could come back on Wednesday in the low mountain ranges and in the Alpine region – if only briefly. “The snow line there drops to 300 to 500 meters,” says Klein. It gets friendlier in the west, where the sun also shows up occasionally. “It is getting cooler temporarily,” says Klein. In Freiburg and Kiel the thermometer shows 6 degrees, in Munich 7 degrees. 5 degrees are expected in Erfurt.
Germany is divided into two on Thursday. While the northwest lies under a thick cloud cover and has to reckon with rain again and again, it remains dry in the southeast. Rostock expect 7, Magdeburg and Nuremberg 8 degrees. The warmest in Breisgau is 11 degrees.
It gets warmer again at the weekend
Also on Friday it remains changeable with thick clouds and occasional sun. From Bavaria to Saarland it gets uncomfortable and rainy. The temperatures are between 6 and 10 degrees.
“Calm and mild weather awaits us on Saturday,” predicts Klein. It gets friendliest in the south. It is also getting warmer again. The temperatures rise to 8 to 13 degrees.
Sunday is not so quiet. The north and east can look forward to longer and sunny dry periods. In the rest of the country, the rain remains volatile.
Turbulent start to the week
“It will be turbulent again from Monday at the latest,” says weather expert Klein. Already this week it should be very windy. “Especially in the north and on the coasts, gusts of wind can be expected throughout the week, but strong winds also sometimes blow in the middle and west.” For the new week the wind increases again. “It could be really stormy again,” predicts Klein.
In general, things continue to be volatile: “We won’t see much of winter anymore,” says Klein. Instead, it gets milder. Rain and lots of wind will continue to accompany us in the next few weeks.
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